About “B”


I’m a storyteller and sharing stories with hope and humour is my passion. I couldn’t have planned for all the roles and life experiences that my path and life has taken me. You see, I thought I was going to be a nurse until I retired. I mean the role of a practising nurse, which would’ve been fine with me, but He had other plans. I’ve been a nurse, florist, business owner and still am a wife, mom, nana, custodian, and writer. All of these callings have given me ammunition for storytelling.

It is stories with hope and humour that I want to share with you. Oh and by the way, writing wasn’t my idea either. I’ve been nudged and my steps directed for a few years now.

Some days I think that it may be a test for me in obedience. So, stay with me… I’m putting pen to paper and going for a good grade.

Be sure to drop by “the hive” when you need a little something sweet for your soul.

Be patient, this blog is a work in progress. A honeycomb can’t be built in a day.


“The mind of a man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” – Proverbs 16:9

COMING SOON: I have some wonderful ladies who will be regular contributors in sharing their stories here, too.

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