Jan. 17/18 – “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” -E. Roosevelt                                                                                               

Here’s a few fun facts – Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was an American politician, diplomat,

and activist. She married her fifth cousin Franklin. Not only did she serve as first lady

(1933-1945) but held regular press conferences, wrote a daily newspaper column,

monthly magazine column, and hosted a weekly radio show. Wow. She was widely

admired and controversial. According to her biography her personal life was anything

but dull. Eleanor was before her time in the evolution of women’s liberation.

Grace to you.


Picture description: the clock tower of Chicago’s Wrigley Building at night. Source: RJSBird Photography

About bshiveofhope

I have been lead to hold a number of differnt occupations over my working years. Surprisingly, most of which I could have never forcast for myself. They include- Nurse, wife, mother, florist, nana, writer, custodian, and now blogger. With these vocations have come many life experiences. I love catchy words and phrases.They are easy to remember and when shared can be a source of encouragement and hope. The meanings are not new their counterparts can be found in the reliable book of life, the Bible. We were made for community so let's build each other up with hope and encouragment.
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