Aug. 2 – “You cannot do a kindness too soon for you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Photo: Erieau Lighthouse in Erieau, Ontario

I procrastinate at doing some jobs around the house. I put off doing the flower beds, or wait to paint the rusty shed, or tidy the garage. But it probably wouldn’t be well received if I didn’t grocery shop until the milk had curdled and the cheese moulded, or didn’t do the laundry until all underwear had been worn inside out twice, or clean the kitty litter until the cat took a stand and did his business somewhere else.

“The way of the lazy is as a hedge of thorns,                                                                                                But the path of the upright is a highway.”            – Prov. 15:19 (NAS)

When it comes to mending or fixing relationships, we shouldn’t delay, avoid,  or stall. Procrastination is a bad habit that can have lasting effects.

“You too be ready for the Son of man is coming at an hour that you do not expect.”                                                                                                                  – Luke 12:40 (NAS)

Procrastination is a bad habit that can have “eternal” effects.

There is hope! Are you stalling? Make it right! Be ready!

Grace to you.




About bshiveofhope

I have been lead to hold a number of differnt occupations over my working years. Surprisingly, most of which I could have never forcast for myself. They include- Nurse, wife, mother, florist, nana, writer, custodian, and now blogger. With these vocations have come many life experiences. I love catchy words and phrases.They are easy to remember and when shared can be a source of encouragement and hope. The meanings are not new their counterparts can be found in the reliable book of life, the Bible. We were made for community so let's build each other up with hope and encouragment.
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