July 26 – “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” -Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Picture description: the night skyline of Boston, Massachusetts.
Source: www.rjsbirdphotography.com

This quote makes me smile, because I know it to be true. There will always be someone that we find hard to endure or tolerate.

Hope is that those who aren’t fond of ourselves will not have an ill will towards us. I know you’re probably thinking those people will be few and far between. My sediments exactly!

I like the way “gotquestions.org” answered my question, is it possible to love a person and not like them? I know we are called to love one another as ourselves, but it explains that this is not a love of brotherly affection or emotional connection, as is often thought. Rather, “agape” love that seeks the best for its object.

“This does not mean that you will like every person or even respect them beyond the point of recognizing that they are made in God’s image. God has given us minds to discern, to some extent, the hearts of others. We also are made in God’s image and should not unnecessarily put ourselves in harm’s way by trusting someone who is not worthy of that trust. Jesus slipped away from crowds because He knew their hearts and needed to protect Himself. However, when we place our trust fully in Christ and pursue wisdom and holiness through prayer and the Scriptures, we will naturally develop a love for others—a godly love which sacrifices self by seeking the best for them—whether or not it is accompanied by respect and affection.”  – taken from gotquestions.org

Grace to you.


About bshiveofhope

I have been lead to hold a number of differnt occupations over my working years. Surprisingly, most of which I could have never forcast for myself. They include- Nurse, wife, mother, florist, nana, writer, custodian, and now blogger. With these vocations have come many life experiences. I love catchy words and phrases.They are easy to remember and when shared can be a source of encouragement and hope. The meanings are not new their counterparts can be found in the reliable book of life, the Bible. We were made for community so let's build each other up with hope and encouragment.
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